Service Centre

Compact Monitor Systems is factory authorized from the following manufacturers to perform warranty repairs and recone service:

Basically we can service/repair any audio or video equipment that is out of warranty.
Our service lab is of the highest quality and its efficiency is second to none.

Ship your unit to us, we will repair it & ship it back to you!

We repair professional audio equipment used in professional environments such as for stadiums, theatres, convention centres, bands, restaurants, DJ and nightclubs.
With our full complement of test equipment, our professionally trained technicians will diagnose, repair and calibrate your pro audio equipment.

We use only original or better quality replacement parts. We test run all units prior to shipping to ensure reliability and proper operation. We thoroughly check each unit to make sure all functions are working as designed. We understand that your equipment is important to you, and we take pride and satisfaction in returning it to you in original working condition.


We can help get your vintage JBL speakers up and running like the good ‘old days. Original replacement parts are available for some models, as well as quality parts for upgrading or repairing crossovers and level controls. If original parts are no longer available for your speaker, we can find you the closest available replacement. We also can fit your existing cabinets with all new high quality drivers and crossovers.