Sydney Aquarium Project

As Digital Signage experts we were approached by Sydney attractions to deliver them a “Rock Solid Digital sign Solution” for the Lizard lounge at the wharf side of Wild Life World.
The installation required the use of four separate menu boards that not only were clear and precise to read but also vibrant delivering an instant visual impact.
Using a solid state media player we are able to display multiple images and video in 5 separate zones anywhere on the screens.
This gave the client not only great flexibility in operation but freedom to display whatever they wished whenever they wanted.
The beauty of our digital signage solution is that it doesn’t require a computer to run the signage, it is all stored in the device sitting nicely behind the screen.
The device can be accessed via wireless or through a LAN to make changes or adjustments to the media source.
The system is so robust we haven’t had to change out any of these boxes out of all of the clients we have supplied them too.
Through research and our expertise in the field we have discovered an awesome digital signage network device.